September 11th Boonville AYSO Opening Ceremony 

Accelerate sports Soccer Academy enjoyed a fun filled day at the Holland Patent AYSO and the Northern Community Knights sign up day. 

​Families fled to the fields outside the General Williams Floyd Elementary School in Holland Patent for the amazing cook out food and the well thought out, man made, foosball. 

We wish all the teams of HP region 374 and the players of the Northern Community Knights the very best of luck in their season. 

The Accelerate Sports staff were out in force this weekend along with help from our baseball friends the Utica Brewers , at Proctor Park in Utica for this years Redeemer Cup Soccer Tournament. 

Being a part of this fantastic course allowed Accelerate Sports to not only show its support, but to also show the people of Utica what our amazing facility has to offer. 

Special thanks goes out to the members of the Redeemer Church and organizers of the event; along with the Utica Brewers coming out and lending us a had with our promotions. Lastly a big congratulations to our newly employed soccer coach, Coach Colin LaReaux, who represented team Italy in the Redeemer Cup. 

Director of Baseball JT LaFountain threw out the 1st pitch of the Brewers Game for Accelerate Night at Donovan Stadium.  What a great event in our greate community with a great organization!

Each year our Accelerate Sports staff competes in the  annual Officer Joe Corr Tournament held in Washington Mills Athletic Park.  Our 1st year (10th Annual Joe Corr Tournament , 16 teams competed and our team came out on top! Thank you to all the staff members and friends that play every year! 

10th Annual Joe Corr Tournament: 1st Place

11th Annual Joe Corr Tournament: 2nd Place

Annual Joe Corr Memorial Tournament

Accelerate Night at Donovan Stadium with the Utica Brewers!

June 13th 2015: Northern Community Knights & Holland Patent AYSO Region 374 sign up day. 

June 6, 7th 2015 : Redeemer Cup Tournament 2015